BreakingBrain: Colors

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BreakingBrain: Colors


Your mind will be taken to the extreme in this game where concentration and agility are essential to make points. Choose the right color before your time is up. There are three levels / game mode. Your brain will break!Coming soon in Google Play and the Apple Store.
You can play using your mouse or keyboard:Instructions for keyboard use:[A] - First Button[S] - Second Button[D] - Third Button - Fourth Button[L] - Fifth ButtonINSTRUCTIONSA word with the color of the time will be displayed at the top of the screen. Choose the button in which your body is the same color as the body of the word, that is, the correct color is the background of the word. Often the word will be written one color but its background will represent another.If the word is written BLUE and its background color is Red. You should choose the button that has the background color also in red.
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