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Erased is a free action puzzle-platform 2D video game developed in HTML5 ( Construct 2 ) by Supercoloring.com team in 2016. The main character is a boy Helio who attempts to save the Sun overshadowed by the Black Eye monster. While coloring the picture by his pencils, Helio is transformed into a figure of his own drawing and falls into another dimension where nothing exists. There, the boy with his solar blaster turns the grey gaseous matter into yellow tangible boxes and fights with the Black Eye's sentinels that pop out of nowhere. Throughout each of 15 levels, Helio should move from one box onto another to reach the Boss at the highest peak of the erased world.You can use this game for your personal and commercial projects under CC BY 4.0 license. In case of reproduction or redistribution you must provide appropriate credit providing a link to the author's page http://www.supercoloring.com/erased-puzzle-gameThank you and enjoy!
Use a keyboard QWERTY (A – move left, W – jump, D - move right) and a mouse to play the game online. For AZERTY keyboard use arrows and a mouse.
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